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As Carver continues to master the English language, he also makes some funny mistakes. Lately, he’s said “actually” about once every other sentence. Sometimes he’ll use it three times in a single sentence, making for some interesting sentence structure. 

For the last several weeks, Carver has been using some hybrid of the words we use to present him with options. We will say something like, “Carver, would you like to have a bath, or would you like to eat some food instead?” Carver has come to merge these words into “orstead.” Most often, he uses this novel word when he is angry. For example, it may be time for bed and he’ll say, in a very whiny voice, “No! I don’t want to go to bed! I just want to play games orstead!” Lucky for him, it’s so cute to hear him use the word that we just chuckle rather than becoming angry with his obstinate attitude. 

As far as news, we’ve got very little that is worth documenting, it seems. I’ve been preparing the courses I’ll teach in the Fall, and packing a few boxes here and there when I get a little hiccough of energy. Avey and I are taking advantage of the heat here in Texas by going to the pool about every other day to do swimming lessons. She opted not to take a class, but agreed to take orders from me. We’re having a grand time, and she’s getting braver each day. I’m sure she’ll be swimming circles around me in no time. 

We are getting more excited than ever to move. The more we pack up, the more we realize how little space we have. We moved into our current place with only 3 of us, and now we somehow increased our numbers to 5. We catch ourselves daydreaming about having more space in our new home in Illinois. It sure will be nice to have the place feel empty orstead of having it feel like a fire hazard!

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