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Out With the Old…

Seven years ago I purchased a 1976 Chevy Vega, which I named “Lucille”. I went through a lot with that car; a drunk driver hit it while it was parked, I installed a new fuel pump with my own two hands, had the carburetor rebuilt, drove it 550 miles to Utah to attend school where a neighbor vandalized it on two separate occasions, and I spent hours cleaning and waxing it. 

Sadly, I finally realized in the last month or two that we just weren’t the best match anymore. The Vega was a fun car, but it just wasn’t much of a family car; no AC, two doors, and not very highway friendly. I had intended to hang on to it until I got some money to put into it, but that time still had not come. What finally got me thinking of selling it was a coworker in Colorado offering to buy it before we moved. I declined, but then found a note on it here in Texas from another gentleman interested in buying it. Eventually, I decided that it was indeed time to give it up to someone who had the time and money to give it the attention it needs. I put it on the market, and last Sunday sold it to a nice guy for $400 more than I had paid for it all those years ago.

It’s strange how emotionally attached we get to things sometimes. As the man drove away in my little blue car, I couldn’t help but feel like I was losing a family member. Avey was saddened too, so we helped each other through the parting, and began making plans for a new set of wheels.

After a lot of searching, we went the very next day to find a ’95 Dodge Ram in good condition, and at a price we couldn’t ignore. After a lot of shuttling around with our other car, trying to get the seller to be where we could make the transaction, we finally made the exchange.

Even though I still miss my Lucille, I’m very excited about the truck. The V8 Magnum engine is a whole lot more power than I’m used to with the little 4 cylinder engine from the Vega. Most importantly, we can now fit in with the other Texans (one risks ostracism without a truck).

Now we need to come up with a name for the new addition. Maybe this little exercise will get us warmed up for picking names for the new baby too.


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