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Pain in the Canal

This was a somewhat exciting week for me as I have no classes scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving, so I’ve got a little bit of flexibility in my schedule. Still, I somehow ended up with a lot of grading to do, so I’m not off the hook entirely. 

Any relaxing I might have done this week was overshadowed by fairly intense dental pain. After my procedure a few weeks ago, I had high hopes that we had solved the problem. I was mostly okay, experiencing just some discomfort every now and then, but it wasn’t when I chewed, so I thought it might be okay and getting better. For a few days, it felt like all was well, and then I tried flossing early in the week. That was a clear mistake, as it seems to have set something off. I was in a lot of pain that night, but ibuprofen made it tolerable, and then the next day it was manageable until I tried to sleep. It’s finally back to being bearable without medication, but I’ve given up and decided it’s time to get it fixed. I have an appointment with the endodontist tomorrow. That should be a blast.

My pain aside, we had an enjoyable week. Friday night was the variety show for Avey’s and Carver’s school. Avey opted not to enter, but Carver was part of a short skit with the other Kindergartners, all saying the Pledge of Allegiance. It was nice to get out for a little bit and see the kids’ acts. 

Even though Kira had made sure they had short naps, Hakan exploded as I was taking them home (Avey and Kira stayed). It had been raining most of the afternoon, and it was very cold. Hakan wanted to jump in a big puddle as we were on our way home, but we were all cold, and I was in no mood to deal with cold and wet feet on top of getting the boys to bed. He had a complete meltdown in the car, but I was certainly not going to get Merritt back out of his car seat and haul us all back to where the puddle was. When we made it home, Hakan refused to come inside, instead crying in the car in the garage. I got Merritt to bed, checking on Hakan every few minutes and inviting him inside where it was warm. After 5 minutes or so, he came inside in a very pleasant mood. It was almost eerie. 

We had a nice Saturday. It was my brother’s birthday, who would have been 34. He died in a car accident four years ago. In his honor, we made a birthday cake, ate frozen pizza, and macaroni and cheese for lunch, and then we went bowling. 

The bowling alley was a little scary, smelling of smoke, and some of the equipment was as old as I. Still, we had a good time. Merritt kept us busy with his desire to run all over the place as hard and heavy objects were swung around. Hakan got bored after 6 frames or so, but enjoyed exploring. Carver kept smashing his fingers when the bowling balls would come out of the machine, but he seemed to like tossing the balls. Avey was a little disappointed that real bowling was quite different from bowling on the Wii, but we blamed the balls for being so heavy. 

At least we have Thanksgiving coming up. We’ve opted to decline an invitation and do our own thing at home. We figure the kids might actually eat ham rather than turkey, and we have some pies planned out. I just hope that my stupid tooth is up for some heavy duty come Thursday.


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