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Pain in the Tooth

In some kind of bizarre anomaly, we seem to be mostly healthy in this house this week. Kira and I are still dealing with the lingering symptoms of a mild cold, but things seem to be alright otherwise.

…unless you count my tooth. After laying down Monday night, I awoke when Kira came home from work, and my bottom left molar hurt. I wondered if I had just been laying on it weird, putting undue pressure on the ol’ gal. I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, but the pain did not subside. It throbbed mildly for several more minutes, so I took a couple of ibuprofen, and then after a few more hours I fell asleep. I felt no pain the next morning and most of the day until I sat in the car to drive home. It then got much more intense once I sat on the couch to relax for the evening. After 3 ibuprofen, things were still pretty intense as I tried to lay down for the night, so I propped myself up thinking this was for sure a sign of another root canal on the way. Surprisingly, the medicine seemed to finally kick in around 11 p.m., and I drifted off to sleep. The next morning there was no pain, and I didn’t need anything that night either, causing me to question everything I ever thought I knew.

It came back mildly last night, and I can feel it now only when I bite down, but it is still mild, so I think I will keep my appointment with the endodontist, but I don’t know what to believe anymore. Naturally, this would come at the busiest time in the semester, and two weeks before my dental plan becomes active. Thanks a lot, Santa.

We at least found some joy in the week by attending Avey and Carver’s school’s “Fun Fair” on Friday night. They had several activities and prizes for the kids. It was mostly chasing kids around for Kira and me, as we are outnumbered in our family. Still, we enjoyed watching the kids have fun. I have fond memories of doing these things at my elementary school, so it was nice to vicariously experience their joy.  

We have also enjoyed the moderately warmer weather over the past few days. The kids have had chances to play outside and go to parks, which is badly needed with all of the cabin fever going around. They even had a couple of chances to have some playmates come over. Well, one was a baby, so couldn’t really play like they wanted, but they did a great job doting on her and it gave them something else to worry about besides lashing out at each other for breathing. They had two little girls come by yesterday while we (mostly Kira) babysat for an hour and then took them to a Relief Society activity, then to their own house to babysit until their foster father got home from work.

That was a nice change of pace for her, I suppose. Hakan and Merritt decided to make it an experiment in driving Daddy insane. Merritt skipped a nap for the day because he slept in, and I didn’t want to deal with him until 8:30 p.m. That turned out to be a bad idea because he lost it when Kira left for the activity. He went out of his mind with rage and desperation. Fortunately, after maybe 10-15 minutes he calmed down when I planted him in front of the screen to watch his favorite music videos (OK Go).

Hakan decided to mutiny. He refused to get ready for bed without Kira’s help. I tried everything in my playbook: empathy, encouragement, incentives, games, leaving him some time alone, and on and on. He dug in his heels with each attempt, vehemently refusing to budge. This went on for a good 30 minutes or so, and then I put Merritt down for the night, and Hakan finally came around. He willingly went potty and got in jammies like it wasn’t a big deal (and it certainly didn’t have to be). Stubborn as a mule that one is.

In other news, there have been no leads in finding my stolen bicycle. I don’t know how much the police are looking into it—I don’t suppose a $170 bike is at the top of their priorities—so I finally gave up hope and bought a used bike yesterday. It’s an old model, but the shop had some new tires on it, and I put on a new seat and handlebar covers to make it more comfortable. We’ll start it on its virgin voyage to the library tomorrow, so stay tuned, but I’m glad to have found something that should work out for not much money. I did spend some extra dough on a much thicker lock (Kryptonite), so maybe I can hold onto this bike for more than a few years (my last two bicycles have been stolen).

Kira is in Indiana this morning. She likes to be thorough in researching a place before a move, so she wanted to attend the church in the area where we think will be the best fit for our family. Hopefully she can get some of the skinny on schools and areas to avoid, and other inside info. The kids are all home with me, but have not sustained any ER-worthy injuries so far (knock on wood). We’ll start making more concrete steps toward moving in the next couple of weeks, so watch out for those announcements.


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