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Panic Mode

With only about 4 weeks remaining before zero hour, we are officially freaking out. We keep realizing how much we have to get done before Newbaby comes. I spent half of Saturday on campus because I am determined to finally propose my dissertation well before June. I am now 94 pages in, and seeing the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Kira has been hard at work sorting and washing all of the baby boy clothes after pulling them out of storage, all while dedicating bodily resources to the boy’s nourishment and growth. She has officially wrapped up with all of her clients, and is enjoying the extra time and relatively lower stress.

Avey has been helpful by preparing her room to become more of Carver’s room. She cleaned out a small dresser that was full of “treasures” (i.e., junk), and either threw them away or donated them to the local Goodwill. She has been more than gracious in helping Carver to transition to their new bunk beds. In fact, she is perfectly willing to stay up with us and read or play a board game while Carver drifts off to sleep.  

Carver is adding to the preparations by getting out all of his aggression – or so we assume with the way he’s been acting. He’s really not been that bad, but there are moments when he gets furious with Avey over some minor argument they’ve had, and he resorts to hitting. Luckily, he has very short arms and wee hands. Most of the time he is quick to apologize too. He has been doing quite well in his big bed. He seems proud to have been promoted, and may understand that he will soon not be the smallest person in the house. I’m a little worried that this little taste of authority over the new baby will just whet his appetite for power. He may try to become the alpha of the family soon, so that’s an additional reason that I will sleep with one eye open after the baby arrives.


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