• Elijah Ricks

Pappy Rex

We are sad to announce that the biggest news of the week was the passing of Kira’s maternal grandfather, Rex, on Friday, at age 90. His health had been declining for some time, so we cannot say that this was unexpected, but it is still a great loss for all who knew him. He was a wonderful and talented man in many regards, and will be missed sorely. He was an especially jovial person, who always brought warmth and laughter wherever he went.

Kira had been planning on a trip to Utah this coming week anyway, so I was counting on being home with the children for several days, but we did not account for my being sick again in this past week. I seem to have caught Carver’s illness, and then apparently something else halfway through that one. I was out from Tuesday through Thursday cycling through different symptoms with much discomfort. I am still operating at about 90% of my normal capacity now, which I figure is about 65% of a normal adult my age who does not have children. We are very fortunate that my work schedule allows for such flexibility. We are also glad that Kira has thus far been spared from the agony.

Kira will be heading to her grandfather’s funeral in Colorado this week, and is very excited to see her entire family. Her cousin will be married over the weekend, so she will also be able to attend that as well. While I manage the kids at home, we hope that she will enjoy the freedom to connect with everyone, and hopefully get some well-deserved rest. We also expect that the funeral will be a time of celebration of her grandfather: a wonderful tribute to and closure of his rich life.

We are excited to have my only sister out for a visit late in the week, and hope that the kids will give her a little space. With Kira gone for the first part of my sister’s visit, they may treat her like a pseudo mother, which may be good and bad. In any case, we can hardly stand the wait, and are starting our goat sacrificing early to invite good weather for her stay (it’s about 14 degrees F today). The rest of you also need to come visit us.

Until next time, be safe!


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