• Elijah Ricks


Members of our little family seem to go through phases fairly often. Avey, for example, has a new favorite movie every week. She’s recently gotten into my socks – literally:

She recently has also decided that she and I should switch roles. After exhausting all of the characters in her shows to have me mimic, the other day she told me, “Daddy, talk silly like Avey!” So I have taken on her role, and she tries to take on mine, sometimes feeding me pretend bites during meals, and putting pretend bandages on pretend owies.

My siblings and I have been in a new phase of putting puzzles together. We just finished one last week and began another last night.

I was in another phase last month. After our Lake Powell adventure and lack of normal hygiene, I had the beginnings of a decent beard. I decided that I’d see it to the end and find out what I looked like in a beard. Here I am right before I shaved it off:

#Happenings #LittleGems

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