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Phone Etiquette

Avey started a new habit a couple of weeks ago. As I am away from home most of the week, she has taken to giving me a phone call during the day to give me an update on her various projects, latest plot development of whatever show she’s watching, or most recent bowel movement. We talk for 3-5 minutes before ending the conversation. Although brief, I’ve really enjoyed the distraction from my daily labors. I always hang up with a smile. It helps me to keep in the forefront of my mind the reason I’m working in the first place.

I usually end up laughing again when I get home, because she nearly always greets me and then asks, “Did you get my call?” I remind her that we talked back and forth for a few minutes, so of course I got her call. I think she understands that the voice on the other end is my own, but may not quite get the difference between leaving a message and talking to me because, after all, even the voicemail message uses my voice. It’s cute in any case.

Carver has regressed back to fewer consecutive hours of sleep since we returned to Texas. I think it’s his way of protesting leaving the greatest state in the world after he got only 1 week to experience it. That’s left us all a bit “down in the mouth”, as they say. Luckily, he’s made up for it with what Kira has come to call his “permagrin”. The little guy just can’t help smiling!

I teach my first university course beginning tomorrow! It’s a bit intimidating, but I feel excited to introduce these undergrads to the world of psychophysiology.

We also welcome another niece into the world early this morning! Can’t wait to meet her!

#Happenings #LittleGems

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