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The other day, during dinner, Avey became interested in our jar of garlic powder. She started asking all sorts of questions about it; why it’s brown, what the letters mean, what it tastes like, and so on. Eventually she asked why the powder moves inside when we move the jar. I explained the concept of gravity to her, describing how the invisible force pulls everything down all the time. I demonstrated it to her by tipping the jar over, and we witnessed how all the powder was pulled downward. She became excited at discovering a new toy, and asked, “Dad, can I do gravity?”

She had a fine time doing gravity for a while after that. It’s kind of funny how pointing at something right under our noses can spark our interest in it.

It’s been a bit of a rough week. Avey and Kira came down with what I had last week. That has mostly meant that Avey has been very cranky, with a very short fuse. My promotion finally kicked in this week also, meaning that I’ve been changing my job duties. That’s been a bit complicated, but a good thing overall. Hopefully things will go a bit smoother this week.


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