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I am presently struggling to compose a sentence, thanks very much to our youngest. Last night was his worst in a very long time – he went to bed early, and relatively easily, but then tossed and turned starting at about 11. Kira tried nursing, then we tried pain medicine, then I rocked him, then I took him for a drive. He feel asleep on the drive and even let me move him from the car seat to his bed without waking. That was about 1:30 a.m. After about 5 minutes in his bed, he popped right up whining. Kira nursed again and finally got him down until about 6 a.m. You might think that he would nap extra long this morning to make up for it, but you’d be sorely mistaken. Fortunately, he’s built up a reserve of adorableness points with us, so we’ll let this one run its course.

Summer officially reared its head this week, with mixed reactions. Kira and I are a little panicked about the heat’s toll on our own energy levels, but the kids are pretty thrilled at the new possibilities of entertainment that involve water. To commemorate the heat wave, I took the three oldest to our nearby splash pad and playground, where blasts were had by all.

Carver, who is usually our most hesitant child, was quite wary of how cold the water felt in contrast to the hot air, but he eventually got lost in the adrenaline of it all. They all took breaks to warm up again on the playground, where Hakan showed off his upper body strength. I’m not saying I’m unimpressed, but when you weigh about as much as a loaf of bread, it’s not that hard to do. Still, he’s brave to try new things, as usual.

Throughout the week, my biggest headache has been a clog in the kitchen sink. Usually, a little liquid drain remover will make pretty short work of it, but I’ve tried that 3 times now with no success. I even took a trip to the hardware store to buy a 20′ tool to remove the clog, but the way our pipes are laid out, I couldn’t get it more than 5′ down. I suppose I should be less stubborn and just call someone.

This is Avey’s last week of school before her break, and then she gets to try and avoid her brothers for the rest of the summer. We’ll see how well that works out…


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