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We were graced this week with a nice visit from Kira’s brother, his wife, and their baby. Avey’s auntie somehow found the time between feedings to spoil Avey and Kira with some fancy nail painting:

  1. Yesterday she started using the phrase “after all.” We were sitting at the dinner table having a riveting discussion on a Pixar film or something along those lines, and she said the phrase a few times. “After all, Dad, Sully is a good guy,” she’d say.

  2. I taught her recently what a cylinder is. She started identifying cylinders around the room, but slowly faded from saying “cylinder” and finally drifted to something that sounded more like “calendar.”

  3. She can identify about two thirds of the alphabet consistently, and has been working on identifying words that begin with which letter. We’ve been informally coaching her on some basics of reading, and she’s taken an interest. Maybe we’ll have her reading in the next year or so!

  4. Avey upgraded to a “big girl bed” a few weeks ago. That just means that we took the front rail off of her crib. She loves the freedom, but has fallen out a couple of times in the middle of the night. Kira and I will hear a soft thud, and then a second later, an exhausted little cry. When we go in to console her she mumbles some disoriented nonsense until we lay her back in bed. It’s actually pretty funny to us, but we try to feel bad all the same.

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