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Pre-K Prep

As you may recall, Avey was born in September. That means, among other things, that she will be just too young to begin kindergarten this Fall, and rather on the older side at preschool. After much debate, we decided that we would enroll her in preschool anyway, as she could greatly benefit from socializing with other children her age, if nothing else. We are not horribly worried about her academically, as she can count to 100 unassisted, knows all of her colors and shapes (including turquoise, hexagon, and cylinder), can differentially diagnose between “sad” and “dysthymic”, and she can write her name and sounds out words all by herself (e.g., this morning she came up with “slebeg budi” for “Sleeping Beauty”).

 We are, however, a little concerned that she’s not had enough time with peers. Although Kira and I enjoy an occasional game of make believe, we are no match for fresh 4- or 5-year-old minds. We mostly just take orders about what to say or do, while someone Avey’s age might have a better chance of reciprocating play. We have about 3 weeks left before she starts her new adventures at school, and are all very excited for her to make new friends and try new things.

We’re working hard on training Avey to eat her meal in a shorter amount of time than she’s accustomed to, because at school she’ll need to finish in about 30 minutes. She may lose some weight in the first few months of school.


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