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Everyone in our little family has been sick at some point over the last few weeks, some more miserably than others. This has led us to review the principle of germs with our children. Carver still does not grasp the idea, as he continues to slobber over everything. Avey, on the other hand, does pretty well with the idea. For example, a few days ago she wanted to let one of us know how cold her water was. She tried to describe it, but naturally, the best thing to do would be to have us test it for ourselves. Faced with this predicament, Avey came to the most reasonable solution. She said to us, “Mom, I don’t want to give you my germs. So here, Daddy, you taste my water.”

At least now I know where I stand. I guess if one of us has to go, it should be me. 

We are on our way to Colorado for the Holidays! We wish you all a great break too!


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