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Ever since Avey got excited about reading, she’s spent much of her time sounding out words she finds. They are usually on food boxes at the table, because that is one area where she has to hold still for more than 2 seconds but is bored enough with food that she needs something to occupy her mind. She noticed  on one of the bags an advertisement for a contest to win “$1,000,000”. She pondered the number for a while as we began to talk about it. Her idea of infinite these days is “ten thousand ten thousand,” so she asked if the number printed on the bag was what ten thousand ten thousand looks like. I explained that it is called one “million,” and then attempted to help her understand how much that is. When it seemed like she was beginning to understand, I asked, “Do you know how many things you could get at the dollar store with 1 million dollars?” Avey’s jaw dropped as she visualized the treasures she could accumulate with such a sum. After she did the calculations in her head, she excitedly exclaimed, “Like fifty!”

Carver sprouted a second tooth this week! He also seems very close to crawling. He sits up just fine, and when something is out-of-reach, he will rock forward and lean as far as he can. Just a couple of days ago he learned to then bring his feet under him, but that’s about where he gives up. As you can see in the photo, we’ve started to comb his hair up. He looks like a real geek with it parted or combed forward, so I tried it up one day and we’ve never looked back.

We’ll have Halloween pictures next week. Happy Scaring!

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