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Avey is normally not very into her meals. Unless it involves chocolate milk, she doesn’t seem to care much about eating aside from it being part of the daily routine. That’s why, when she said Monday that her tummy felt a little weird, I thought it was some scheme to get out of sitting at the table. In my defense, she did run around and play like everything was normal until bedtime. At bedtime, she still insisted that there was something off with her digestive system, enough to prevent her from eating anything. 

The evening proceeded as normal, until Kira did her nightly rounds before retiring. She noted an odor that resembled that of stomach contents, and suggested we wake Avey to search for its source. In retrospect, we should have just gone to bed, basking in our ignorance for a few hours. Suffice it to say, Avey was ill.

After two days of missed school, she felt well enough to be out and about, but she is still not quite back to normal. The rest of us are fortunate not to have caught it (so far, anyway). 

Here is a video of Carver having the time of his life in the lobby of the car wash:

It was my first “week” back at school. I use the term loosely, as Monday was a holiday, and I was on Daddy Duty all Wednesday while Kira attended a conference. In the end, I had two days on campus. Frankly, that was enough for me. There’s been quite the load of work to do for this grant with which I am involved. Once it is all up and running, it should flow nicely. Until then, I have lots of work to do.

The baby has been busy kicking Kira’s insides, probably in protest of all of the noise around the house preventing him/her from getting any sleep. Maybe I’m just projecting. On that note, however, we may be waiting a few more weeks to find out the gender of Baby #3. There may be some need for an ultrasound at 28 weeks anyway, so rather than pay for two, we are probably going to just do one at that time. Until then, we are taking guesses… Stay tuned!


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