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Queen of Misinterpretation

Yesterday, Carver and I were driving home from some errands. I thought I’d see what was on the radio, and settled onto a station playing classic rock. Two of the songs were by Queen. We recognized them, because Avey has liked Queen for a while, and will play them at home while the kids dance around.

Today, as we were all together after breakfast, Carver remembered that we had heard some of her favorite music in the car, and tried to tell her. “Avey,” he said, “we heard that song you like in the car yesterday.” Then he tried to sing it, “We are the chapters…” We all laughed, because he had the tune correct, and we immediately recognized that what he meant to sing was, “We are the champions.” It’s hard work to train children on the rich history of classic rock, but it will pay off, I’m sure.

We had parent-teacher conferences on Thursday this week, and again were impressed with the excellent reports of Avey. She is reading at the high 4th Grade level, far exceeding the expectations for her grade. Her teacher could not say enough good about Avey’s writing skills, demonstrating that Avey has even used words like “sauntered” in her homework. She was also one of two students in her class to get 100% correct on their most recent math assessment. We are so pleased to hear that she’s doing well and getting along with her classmates.

We are excited to share our next boy’s name, although we reserve the right to change our minds about it before we actually fill out the government paperwork. We are still firming up the middle name, but for the first name we continually come back to “Merritt” as our favorite. In keeping with our somewhat accidental pattern so far, Merritt is a last name in my family ancestry. We like the sound, and the name’s uniqueness, and I am especially drawn to the idea of my son’s name serving as a constant reminder about “merit,” or the sense of worth and commendation for which we should strive. We are still working on poring over Kira’s family names to settle on a good middle name, but we will let you know when we have. Until then…

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