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Ramble On

Everything is slowly falling into place for the move. We’re in a bit of a stalemate where we’ve packed most of the non-essentials, but have too much time still here to pack the necessities. This will be my last week of work (thank goodness), and then it will be all about getting us out of here.

Avey describes her feelings as mixed. She will be sad to leave all of the fun places we’ve discovered here, but she is ecstatic about the pool at our new place. She’s been a very good sport through all of this, and we’re sure she’ll thrive wherever she’s planted.

She’s been particularly hilarious lately. The other night at dinner she had invited a puppet by the name of Dough Boy to join us. She spent the majority of the meal intensely interviewing our guest about very personal things. After several minutes of me playing ventriloquist, she asked him why he was so fat. I thought I would have a little fun with the scenario and try to get a laugh out of Kira too, so I answered for Dough Boy that he had fallen prey to a vicious cycle where he was depressed because of his weight, and the only comfort he found was in food. Avey, always the amateur therapist (thanks to her parentage), reached out a pretend handful to Dough Boy and said, “Oh. Well, want some bacon?”

Here she is performing for herself in front of the mirror earlier this week:

She has also been suffering from a major case of the whys the past couple of days. She recently asked me why a dog didn’t want another animal to bite him. I answered that he didn’t want to get hurt. She asked why he didn’t want to get hurt. I said no animals like to get hurt. She wanted to know why. I came up with some answer, to which the reply came, “Why?” Our conversations go like this a lot lately.

We need to teach that girl how to use Google.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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