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Random Updates

I’m having a really hard time deciding how to focus today’s post. You would think our lives would be packed full of adventures now that we have little Avey, but mostly we just follow a routine: feed, change, soothe, feed, change, soothe, etc. She is gaining weight well, sleeps for about 5 hours at a time at night, smiles more and more all the time, and is beginning to coo a little more here and there. In fact, she’s learning to use her voice for things other than screaming; yesterday she sneezed and let out a full “AahhCHOOOO!” Priceless.

I’m coming down to the wire for my graduate school applications. The first of them just happens to be to my first choice, KU, and it is due the 1st of December. I’m all set now, just waiting on the Psychology GRE scores to arrive.

Kira was invited by her boss to delay quitting and work from home on some paperwork they have that has backed up big time. She can work as many or few hours as she’d like, so she agreed and we are just working out some schedule stuff. An old roommate of hers babysat for a couple of hours on Friday so that she could go into work and get trained on what to do, which was a lifesaver for us both.

My poor blue car has been having some trouble lately. For those of you fortunate enough to be acquainted with my car, this will come as a grievous disappointment, but her carburetor needs to be rebuilt. It should be done by Tuesday, and after it’s all said and done, should run like new.

We’re excited for Thanksgiving, and to introduce Avey to some more of her relatives. She will also be blessed on the 25th, and you are all welcome to attend. Contact us for the time and building.

Thanks for reading and look for a late post next week!

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