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This was a pretty rough week. Avey was sick last week and was good enough to share it with me for all of this week. It hit me hardest Tuesday night, when I could not seem to get comfortable or get enough oxygen through my nose to sleep. I made my way to campus the next morning, feeling like death, when the truck died. Of course it died right then and there – why wouldn’t it die right then and there? The symptoms rose suspicion of a faulty fuel pump (which wear out eventually anyway), so I had it towed to a nearby shop who confirmed the diagnosis. I slowly pushed through the rest of the day, mostly fantasizing about a warm, cozy bed. I picked up the truck about 10 minutes before my evening class was to start, but made it barely in time, only to learn that we were having our work load doubled for the last two weeks of the semester for a “bonus” exam. Yeehaw!

I’m still in recovery from my illness, the shock of the bill for the fuel pump, and the increasingly bothersome preparations for the end of the semester. I suppose that if I were to look on the bright side, and I mean if, I could be thankful, hence the season, that at least I got sick before my family came to town or during finals, at least we’ve got a shiny new fuel pump that should last another decade or two, at least the truck didn’t break down on the highway when I needed to be at some important meeting, at least we got the free towing option on our insurance, and at least I’ll get a chance to learn a lot more about behavioral neuropsychology than I ever wanted to.

And most importantly, at least I can spend some time searching for solutions to all these problems at the bottom of a pie dish this week.


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