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I forgot to document this funny story last week, so will do so now. The second day I was in the hospital with Carver, I dashed into the bathroom to have a quick shower. Carver was settled in with a nice movie, and I told him to shout out for me if he needed anything. 

I was in the middle of my shower routine when I thought I could hear Carver urgently calling for me. Knowing the fragile state he was in, I worried he was in some distress. I quickly ran and cracked open the door to see what was the matter.

Sopping wet and quickly getting cold, I asked Carver what he needed. “Dad,” he said weakly, “I needed you to dance.”

There was a big musical number at that point in the show, and apparently because he couldn’t dance, he demanded to see someone synchronized with the beat. I wobbled my head a little from the doorway and then got back to my shower.

Carver’s energy is back to what it was before the illness, but his mood has been pretty grumpy lately. He normally is willing and even excited to run to bed for a mid-day nap, but the last few days he has adamantly refused. As he gets progressively grumpier throughout the day, Kira and I get progressively more frustrated with him. Today, after much discussion, bribery, and even arguing, it seemed that nothing would sway him. I finally offered him a chocolate chip if he got in his bed, and his attitude instantly became compliant. Even now he is slumbering peacefully. The chocolate chip was particularly surprising to me, because I had even offered to bake brownies while he napped that he could have after! I suppose an immediate reward has more meaning for him at this stage in life.

We are gearing up for another awesome holiday break. We are packing up, hoping to drive out tomorrow. Kira is suffering a little posttraumatic stress from their Houston trip, but I am excited to get back to Colorado for a few days. Best wishes and happy holidays to you all!

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