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Reflections of Real Life

Hakan has been into imaginary games using toy superheroes, cars, and dinosaurs recently. It’s very fun to watch him play, because mostly the scenarios he comes up with involve a lot of physical comedy, such as tripping and falling. Sometimes, he has a bit of dialogue between the characters of his play, but we don’t really follow the story other than to summarize that there are some things happening. 

Kira happened to catch one of his games this week, and the dialogue was quite intriguing. He was playing with two dinosaurs who were engaging in some high-jinx. Suddenly, one stopped and exclaimed to the other, “Uh oh! My diaper!” The other dinosaur calmly replied, through Hakan, “Oh, that’s okay, I can change your diaper.”

It’s nice to see him prosocially problem solving through his imaginative play.

Otherwise, this week we had a cold spread through the boys and Kira. Avey and I were spared. That made for a miserable night or two, but then, thankfully, Merritt had a very much improved night, letting Kira sleep until 5 a.m. or so. He regressed last night, but we are hopeful that this is the beginning of a new chapter in his sleeping.

The big event of the week was the annual Trunk-or-Treat. Carver changed his mind for his costume every two minutes throughout the day, while Avey had hers picked out for at least a week. Merritt simply followed tradition (all of our boys were skeletons for their first Halloween), and Hakan also followed in Carver’s footsteps by being an adorable German in traditional Lederhosen.

We’ve felt too busy to really dive into the season, but Avey is aiming to carve a pumpkin later today, and the kids have been going through all of our Halloween decorations like it’s a treasure chest. As long as they are not killing each other, that’s a success.

We are excited to see if the Cubs can pull off another win in the World Series, and think it’s pretty cool to live here for their first appearance in so many years. We are even more excited for this year’s election to finally end soon, and release us from its painful talons or just finally consume us and get it over with. We’ll soon see if the world ends because of it.

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