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Okay folks, gear up for a proud parent post. We were once again reminded how awesome our kids are this week. As you recall from our most recent report, Carver recently had a disagreement with Gravity, and, to quote Radiohead, “gravity always wins.” He ended up in a full leg cast for about 10 days. Our little guy was a good sport about the whole thing – he never really cried about having the cast, never tried to take it off, and never even screamed out of frustration. He simply realized he could no longer use his right leg, and moved on. 

It turns out that it was his right fibula that was broken, not his tibia. Apparently the doctor could not exactly see the fracture when Kira took him in, but the policy is to treat it anyway because it was very likely there. When I took him to have the cast removed, the x-ray showed that new bone had grown to fuse his fibula back together. It had broken, but hadn’t shifted, so that’s why the doctor was not sure where the fracture was.

After removing the cast, Carver was unimpressed. I expected him to kick his legs around and start running. It took him until we were in the car on the way home to realize what had happened. He finally started moving his legs, kicking around in his carseat. At home, he had some trouble walking again. He stood up and moved around as if his leg were still in the cast. He hardly bent his knee.

Now, after a little more practice, he is nearly back to his normal self. He seems to enjoy sitting quietly a little more than before the cast, but that’s probably good.


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