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It’s been kind of a rough few weeks. With the end of summer comes not only school, but also people coming and going to school. This year, it seems like we mostly had people going. My sister went off to college and all of Kira’s siblings are now living out-of-state. Because of this gaping hole left in our lives by their departure, we found small ways to replace them. Introducing Jeffery:

After a few days, I realized that he was probably rather lonely, having no one to talk to or fight with. After reading up on bettas, I learned that they are usually compatible with African dwarf frogs. Thus, we aquired (again, named by Avey) Ursula:

I apologize for not having new video to post this week. We’ve been out of tape for our camcorder for a while now. I also haven’t taken any blog-worthy photos for a while. I promise that Avey is not being replaced by the fish and frog (although I almost started feeding them her lunch the other day). I’ll get some footage of her soon.


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