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I always found it puzzling that the word “resolutions” contains the word “solution”. If it really were a solution, why do we keep “re-” solving the same problems year after year?

Just to shake things up a bit, I’ve resolved to make some New Year’s resolutions by March, so I’ll have to get back to you. I figure, at least that way, I won’t have given up on them until around August, and that’s about three months farther into the year than I usually get.

As for Avey, she’s been making pretty steady progress where she wants to, so our area of focus this year will be those in which she does not seem to want to progress. For a very disgusting example, take yesterday; Avey was due for a bath. I explicitly asked her if she had to (how shall I put this delicately?) fill her diaper before getting into the tub, to which she responded in the negative. I checked with her at least 2 more times before she got in the water, but she assured me that there was no sign of a bowel movement. I trustingly let her play for a few moments, splashing and giggling in the shallow water. To my dismay, I discovered within a few minutes a relatively large lump of what Avey’s tummy did not digest from dinner the night previous floating and rocking gently with the small currents of her movement in the water. After several minutes of sterilization, we tried a bath again. Of course, after she had done the deed, she asked to sit on the potty. Thus, my New Year’s resolution for her is to learn how to recognize a BM, sit on the potty, and then defecate IN THAT ORDER!!!!!!!!!!

On a lighter note, here’s a much less disgusting video of our little princess, keeping up with other areas of hygiene:

#Humor #OnParenthood

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