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Last week I explained Avey’s discovery and consequential exercise of my decline down the pecking order around the home; I had been demoted from “Daddy” to “Eli”. So for most of the week, Avey and I were on a first-name basis. However, another interesting development (or perhaps a more appropriate word would be “recession”) has arisen in the past few days.

Avey watched and fell in love with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I will call your attention to the scene near the end where Beast transforms into a human. We tried to explain this phenomenon to our toddler by categorizing humans. “Mommy and Daddy and Avey are all humans,” we elucidated. She liked that explanation, and so for the remainder of the night desisted calling me by my first name, and instead commenced referring to me simply as “human”. I put her down for bed and heard her over the monitor saying things like, “Human, I want some water,” and other such gems.

At this rate, I’ll be known only as “Hey you” next week. I hesitate to predict what she’ll call me when she’s a teenager…

And now, by (we assumed) popular demand, here is our superstar with her own arrangement of another classic. Click here for the original, “Candle on the Water” from Pete’s Dragon.

#Humor #LittleGems

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