• Elijah Ricks

Return of the Mommy: Merritt’s Revenge

We left our hero last week in the clutches of four greasy-fingered, nap-denying, defiant couch tater tots, facing certain doom without their usual custodian. Thankfully, Kira came home to save us all from self-destruction, just in the nick of time. 

…But not before we had tons of fun. I filled up our days with outings and treats, figuring that they couldn’t eat each other alive if they were distracted by a shiny object or two. It worked pretty well, although I would not want to be a full-time single parent of my little cage-fighters. 

Merritt has been teething nonstop for several days. He took forever to sprout that upper incisor, but now seems to have gotten the hang of the process; he’s decided to add a second tooth on the top, and a third bottom tooth, with signs of another on the way. Naturally, he’s had disturbed sleep during the process, so I had disturbed sleep in Kira’s absence. Now that she’s home, we get to share the sleep disturbance. 

Kira made it home Wednesday evening, and was a little underwhelmed with her welcome committee of two sleeping boys and Merritt’s nonstop screaming (never figured why, but probably because he was tired and in his car seat for the long trip to and from the airport). It was a bit of a transition for her back into the routine of diapers, resisting meals, fighting naps, and little arguments over nothing…and on top of that, she had to deal with the kids (har har!).

This coming week marks the last few days before school starts. Carver begins Kindergarten, and Avey charges into 4th Grade. They are both tentatively excited, although we were all saddened to learn that Avey’s best friend will not be in Avey’s same classroom this year. They will still see each other at recess, but it will still be sad to not share the same experiences.

I also have to start back at work next week, but I still have a faculty meeting in the city this week. I have 8 a.m. classes this semester two days a week, so with my hour commute, it is going to be awfully early for me. Luckily, those are also the only days I teach, so I may not have to head into the city the rest of the time.

That’s about all that’s noteworthy for us!

We are excited for the solar eclipse tomorrow!


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