• Elijah Ricks


This 3-day-weekend is the setting of a family reunion on my mother’s side. My grandparents celebrated their 50th anniversary, and we made it a big party. The festivities have been full and engaging, and we are so thrilled to have family here, including several I’ve never even met. It’s also meant that our children are running on fumes – Carver had two days of 45-minute naps (atrocious compared to his usually 90-120 minutes).

The children were so thrilled to be at [my] Grandma’s house with the huge yard, that they spend most of their time outside. The unfortunate thing is that the very same yard is full of sunshine and mosquitoes. There is not enough bug spray or sun block in the world to keep them safe from both all the time. With all of our chasing them around, I was nearly eaten alive by mosquitoes. I will spend the next few days fighting the urge to scratch and recovering from the blood loss.

Naturally, family gatherings also means food, and our kids dislike foods that are out of their normal routine. That means that they turned their noses up at nearly everything that was offered. We did our best to just stuff them with calories of some sort for the sake of our collective sanity.

Hakan’s cheeks must be sore right now on account of all his smiling. I have many teenage cousins who love adorable babies, and Hakan easily fits into their target group. We could have avoided him altogether if it weren’t for the feedings he needs. The little guy practically turned the whole event into a flirting marathon – giving the biggest grins and cutest coos he could muster. If this weekend was any indication, we will have to lock him in his room when he’s a teenager.

Avey vacillated between bored and having the time of her life. She lifted her head up from her books just long enough to make instant friends with one of her second cousins. They were inseparable. Fortunately we have mail service here, and perhaps some day there will be a way to instantly send messages to another person, perhaps via computer or a similar device. 

We are all aching to recover, but thrilled to have my mother and brother in town almost all to ourselves for one more day. We hope to see the rest of you all at the next reunion!


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