• Elijah Ricks

Role Playing

Sometimes I wonder if Avey reads this blog when we’re not looking. A couple of days after the last post, she seemed like she had moved on from the imaginary world where we are all characters from The Great Mouse Detective. Instead, she decided that we would all be assigned characters from another classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. You may be guessing that Avey assigned herself the role of “Snow White,” right? That’s what I expected. It seemed the natural fit; After all, Snow White is limitlessly kind, “very so polite,” the archetype of “girly,” sings in a pitch barely audible by humans, would let animals in the house without thinking about factors like rabies, eats whatever apples we give her (as long as there’s peanut butter), and so on and so forth.

But somehow, my little princess decided that there was a better fit for Snow White in the home: no, not her mother – her dear daddy! I was shocked and rather disturbed to say the least. Kira ended up with the most random assignment from the movie. Of all the characters, she was cast as “a bird.” Not sure what that’s all about. Now, with these odd matches, you may wonder who Avey thought she, herself, was most like. Well, we were surprised to find that Avey began referring to herself as “the Queen.” That’s right – the evil, vain, scheming queen! I frankly don’t see any similarities between the two:

Well, maybe if I imagine the Queen listening to “If You’re Happy and You Know It” I can start to see it. No matter how evil you are, you can’t help but clap and shout “Hooray!”


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