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Avey lamented earlier today, “I won’t be a big sister forever.” I asked her what she meant by that, and she told me through a sigh that she would one day grow up and move away. I explained that she would still be Carver’s big sister even if she moved away, to which she replied, “No. Then I would be a mommy!”

She was happy to learn that, even though her duties as a big sister may evolve as they both get older, she will always be an important part of Carver’s life, and will always be his beloved big sister.

We are thankful to have had lots of help from family members both near and far these last two weeks as we’ve tried to settle into expanding our exclusive little club. Avey had a holiday at my aunt’s while Carver was on the way, this same aunt brought us a delicious lunch the first day we were home, and Kira’s mother stayed with us for more than a week, following orders and being Kira’s second set of hands. Kira’s father even built us an extra shelf in the kids’ closet to help with storage space. My mother crafted a beautiful quilt to keep the little guy warm, and other family have provided wonderful gifts, time, and emotional support throughout. We could not have done this without them!

Carver’s still doing as well as we could expect with his sleeping/feeding schedule, although we are still excited for the time when he knows the difference between night and day, and can go a full 8 hours between feedings.

He was back to his birth weight this week, and looks chubbier in his midsection. He’s generally very quiet and calm, occasionally opening his dark blue eyes to take a peek at the world.

We’re humbled by the wonder of new life once again. Perhaps soon I will have more time and brainpower to dedicate to documenting some of my thoughts on becoming a father again. For now, if you need me I’ll either be holding him on the couch or passed out somewhere.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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