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Hakan is one rollin’ boy. Each time we lay him down on his play mat, he will entertain himself with whatever toys we hang over him until he gets bored, and then he rolls right over onto his tummy and tries to crawl. He doesn’t get anywhere, but that doesn’t stop him from trying. He’s even started to roll once he’s on his changing table. Luckily, he rolls toward the wall instead of the straight drop to the floor!

One of Avey’s favorite games for the last several months is Go Fish. Carver has watched with wonder how the players ask for a card and then either share with one another or tell each other to “go fish.” This morning he decided to play with Hakan. He gave Hakan a card, and while Hakan tried to swallow the card whole, Carver asked, “Hey Hakan, do you got a swordfish?” I spoke for Hakan and said “yes.” Carver, disappointed, said angrily, “No, Dad. Say ‘go fish!'”

Avey is digging being 7 years old. She had a great day at school, throwing an impromptu party when Kira invited her classmates to the nearby doughnut shop. She received dozens of books as gifts, which is exactly what she wanted. She’s been burning through them quickly – finishing four this last Friday alone. I’m lucky to read 4 pages for pleasure in a day.

I completed collecting the pilot data for my dissertation this week – now on to the analyses and then I get to start the real project. Stay tuned.

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