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Same old same old

You’d be surprised just how un-different this week was from the rest of them. Now, if you’re still reading this after an opening like that, here’s a brief lowdown of what happened… I got a couple of job leads this week, including one at a preschool for low-income families, so that would be pretty cool; not exactly what I want, but good experience anyway. The other one would be pretty good, but Kira isn’t sure she’d let me work the hours it requires. So I’ve been working more and more on writing, and now I’m at approximately 166 novel-sized pages, a little over halfway done by my estimate. Other than that, I’ve been keeping busy taking care of Kira; doing dishes, cooking meals, cleaning house, and all that jazz. I’ve also continued volunteering at the MTC, helping the missionaries practice their German. The other big highlight is that our cougars redeemed themselves by defeating the falcons on their own court, putting an end to their home game winning streak, and then they went on to humiliate the Utes on Saturday. BYU has now officially won the Mountain West Conference. Things should be getting more exciting here in a couple more weeks, so stay tuned, and we’ll keep you posted.

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