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Sandy Eggo

The main event of this week was my trip to San Diego, California for the annual conference of the American Psychology-Law Society. I presented two recent projects of mine, including a small portion of my dissertation, so it was a really great opportunity for my curriculum vitae, and for some networking with people in Illinois who may have some advice about doing corrections research in the state. 

The downside, of course, was that it left Kira home with three needy kiddies. By her account, this was probably the easiest of my many trips in the last year. The kids are a little older, Carver did not have to go to the hospital with pneumonia, Hakan fell in love with food, and Avey has been obsessed with getting a scooter, so she was on her very best behavior. Naturally, Kira deserves much of the credit, as she found the ability to roll with things a little more than usual.

The separation was not without its struggles though. Hakan has developed another stuffy nose, after never completely recovering from the last one. He gave Kira a pretty rough night last night, so it’s a good thing I’m home to provide an extra pair of hands. Hopefully we can get back to a normal routine (where levels of chaos are only moderate) soon.

This week’s little gem involves Carver, yet again. At grandma’s house this afternoon, Carver was playing in the backyard. Per the norm, he was kicking balls around and looking for sticks. He came across an old flagpole that might attach to an ATV, and waved it around like a sword for a few minutes. When he dropped it, he complained that his hands hurt. Quick investigation revealed that the pole was made of fiberglass. D’oh! We washed his hands thoroughly and removed his clothes so as not to spread any more of the substance. Because we didn’t have a change of clothes with us, my cousin offered his undershirt. The shirt was much larger than Carver, so he ended up looking like a little ghost or angel. To help keep his hands from being irritated, my grandmother found some garden gloves to put over his sensitive hands, which he thought were awesome. He proceeded to act like a little ghost with big yellow-and-red hands the rest of the evening:

What’s perhaps even more hilarious is that when we arrived home, I offered to help Carver get in his jammies, but he insisted that he would rather sleep in the large shirt. That was fine with me, and then, just before bed, he referred to it as a “dress.” 

He sure keeps us guessing.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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