• Elijah Ricks

Saturday, Bloody Saturday

That’s a parody of a U2 song, for those of you who are horribly uncultured.

Anyway, let’s start with Saturday. This was supposed to be the hottest day of the month, and believe you me, it did not disappoint. The high got up to 97, and we were feeling every bit of it. I spent the morning and a good part of the afternoon helping my brother’s mother-in-law pack all of her things up in a moving truck to get her on her way to them. It wasn’t too bad; she was very organized and prepared for me, but the truck company added on at least 45 minutes to our labors, and the hardest part of the whole thing was the heat. Once I got home, I was feeling the effects- all I wanted to do was sleep.

Instead, we went grocery shopping and then babysat that night. Babysitting was actually just fine, though. This is the family with three daughters, but one went with the parents and one was already asleep when we arrived. The third played “shopping” with Kira and charged her $90 for a box of half-eaten granola bars, etc. But Kira gladly paid, repeating the process several times in a row. As soon as she was down, we watched an old comedy from the library (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with Michael Cain and Steve Martin). It was pretty good.

And that was Saturday. Otherwise, this week has been full of packing and organizing (or disorganizing) for our move in September. Here are a couple of pictures to show you what I’ve done to our office:

I’ve also been busy organizing baby clothes. We have been overwhelmed with adorable little girl’s clothes in the past couple of weeks, coming mainly from my Aunt Summer and from Kira’s parents (they raised 4 daughters). We were a little worried about the clothes from Kira’s parents, because their youngest is 18 now, so the clothes are about that old as well, but we were pleasantly surprised to find some great stuff in there. Kira even has several memories connected to some of the old blankets and other items. The only downside is that Avey now has more clothes than I have ever owned in my life, and she’s not even born yet. Needless to say, I’m extremely jealous of her, as you can see in this picture:

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