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Scare Tactics

Ever since Avey really started getting into movies and such, she always showed a preference for the more intense scenes – or at least as intense as it can get in a G-rated flick. We let her watch something brief whenever we need her to hold still so we can do her hair. For a long time when we would ask her what she wanted to watch, she would respond, “Something really scary!” It seems our daughter is a bit of an adrenaline junky. It should come as no surprise, then, that she has been into Halloween in a big way. For example, she requested a “really scary” jack-o-lantern design this year:

 My own creation is below, largely plagiarized from The Nightmare Before Christmas:

 Of course, Avey is still a princess at heart, so she chose to be Rapunzel this year. Luckily she opted to leave her frying pan at home. I, never breaking from the formula, stuck with my nerd ensemble:

 Kira chose to dress as a modest Flamenco dancer:

Lately Avey has developed an interest in all Halloween-themed monsters and spooks. She wanted me to tell her a story about zombies during dinner the other day, and begged us to wrap her up with toilet paper so she could pretend to be a mummy. She’s also frightened our local relatives with her Frankenstein’s monster face. It’s quite terrifying, let me assure you.

Naturally, her favorite part of the season is the candy that has suddenly become available. As any good parents would do under similar circumstances, Kira and I will help her get her candy stash under control.


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