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You may recall that Avey has been wanting a scooter for a few weeks now, ever since she rode one at a nearby play area. Kira and I discussed it, and felt out whether this was just some passing fancy. It was pretty clear that Avey was serious, as she would carefully work the scooter into any conversation we were having, and made sure to say the word “scooter” at least every 30 words. We devised a plan where Avey could earn half of the money it would cost, and we would pay for the rest. I came up with a long list of chores along with the money she could earn for each one, and then Kira or I would initial next to each one she completed. She finished that up on Friday – the very day that her coveted scooter arrived. 

She was so proud of herself for earning the money – as are we! She was very helpful doing chores like feeding Hakan his baby food, and entertaining him for 15 minutes at a time when Kira needed a few minutes. Hopefully the trend will continue, or we may need to come up with her next obsession.

She’s been on that scooter just about every second she can get away. As she was working toward it, she came up with all sorts of projects she could do with the scooter. One was to somehow attach a chair to the back of the scooter so that Carver could sit on the back while she rode around. Another was to tie a string to the handlebar and around her waist just in case she jumped off – that way the scooter couldn’t get too far away. She thought of tying another string to Carver’s little bike so that she could tow him around. Some of these ideas have worked better than others, but it is sure fun to see her trying them out. She’s been very nice to let Carver play with the scooter too.

For an extra special treat, I took Carver and her to UTEP campus yesterday for a wonderland of scooterable road and abandoned buildings (weekend) where she could roll to her heart’s content. It was a blast!

Happy Easter!


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