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Secret Grave

There have been lots of goings on around our place, as is usual. The highlight from today was that it was the primary program in Kira’s ward, and Carver and Avey were heavily involved. Avey not only served as one of the narrators, but also had a singing solo that she kept secret from us so that we would be blown away when we heard it…and blown away we were!

Carver stole the show (for us, anyway) with his singing. He was one of the more animated children, joining along with the gestures that the conductor used, and dancing a little in his spot. When it was time for his speaking part, Kira and I looked at each other nervously. He’d been practicing all week, having some trouble with a few of the words with which he is unfamiliar. Specifically, during one of the practices he had misspoken the words “Sacred Grove,” saying instead, “Secret Grave.” Luckily for all of us, he nailed it at show time. 

Hakan is recovering from his strep throat with ease, treating his medicine as a treat. Unfortunately, Merritt came down with it. We figured something must be going on with him because he woke up screaming inconsolably one night. I’m not sure I could exaggerate just how perturbed he was. It was as if he wanted desperately to sleep, but some unseen force was tormenting his soul with the fury of a thousand hells. After some ibuprofen, the demons were slowly exorcised and he slept fitfully until morning. Strangely, he was in a peachy mood the whole morning, grinning and playing like a week-old puppy. Still, knowing Hakan’s diagnosis, Kira thought to nip this thing in the bud, and took him in for a strep test. He’s now on the antibiotics, too, and sleeping much better.

Hakan, aside from his strep, has been a challenge in his mood for some time. As he slowly transitions away from his nap, he is a sort of Mr. Hyde beginning around midday. He either compensates for his low energy with manic running and talking, or he lies around like a beached whale, gnashing his teeth at anyone who dares comes near him. We continue to point out at key moments how his mood seems to be related to his sleeping, and he sometimes seems like he gets it. We are starting to give up and just accept that this is our life now.

Avey has decided to go all out with extracurricular activities this year. She’s decided that she not only wants to keep learning the violin, but she also signed up to start the flute, and is joining her school newspaper. Hopefully this momentum will last.

Both kids seem to be enjoying school well enough, although both would prefer to sit in front of the television all day. I, for one, feel the same way.

Have a nice week!

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