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Seeing Clearly in 2016

A few weeks ago, during a routine vision screening at school, Avey was flagged as having some trouble making out the letters. A followup confirmed the difficulty, and she was referred to an optometrist. She was diagnosed with myopia, and prescribed corrective eyeglasses.  

She is excited to show off her new look to her classmates this week when she returns to school, and we are surprised at how grown up she looks. We must admit that this is not really a shock, as both Kira and I wear glasses or contacts. Kira has had them since she was 5, and I got them in the third grade, so Avey is somewhere in between. Her little brothers are likely to follow in our footsteps too. We are glad that she enjoys the novelty, and had so many stylish options from which to choose. I cringe at photos of my younger self with the lenses that took up half of the surface area of my face.

In other news, if we were disappointed by our brown Christmas in Oklahoma, Illinois is making up for it with a white New Year. It started snowing the night we arrived home and has not yet melted. In fact, it has only accumulated more. We should be a little more excited, but it has been far too icy to actually form into snowmen and such. I’m sure we’ll get even more before the winter’s done.

In some sort of New Year’s miracle, Carver has been better at voluntarily taking naps instead of being suckered into them during a drive around the neighborhood. Earlier this week, he was clearly in dire need of a nap as he was whining about some nonsense. He lay down on a pillow that was on the floor next to my bed and I said, “Doesn’t it feel nice to lay down like that?” He assured me that he was just resting his feet. I offered him a blanket for while he rested his feet, which he accepted. A few moments later, he was asleep on our floor. I ran some errands, and when I returned he had awoken and ran to me, excitedly stating, “Daddy! I took a nap, and now I’m not mean!” It was nice to hear that he has been listening to our pleas and explanations for why naps are important, and that he does have some insight into his mood. He took another nap yesterday in his bed, but came down with a fever later, so now we’re not so sure that it was entirely voluntary. He seems much better today, though, so who knows with this guy? 

There are sure to be many more surprises in store in 2016!

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