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Seeing is believing

Here is the customary photo of Kira. She was trying this dress on to see how it would fit. As you can see, it’s a bit too tight, so she opted to wear something else.

This week I heard that more babies are born nearer the full moon than away from it. I suppose that may make sense because of gravitational forces and such, but from the checking I’ve done, there’s never been a scientific study showing significant increase in births around a full moon. Well, except for werewolf cubs, of course. In any case, the full moon is about a week before our expected delivery date. And we are hoping to have Avey join us out here a little early; mostly to help her dad’s sanity with the GRE, but also because the sooner she is born, the sooner she’ll move out (that’s one of my subtle attempts at humor).

As far as work, I will be at least doubling my hours working for the research committee at my workplace beginning this week. It’s my own fault really; the head of the committee said that I work very fast, efficiently, and that I think the way she does. Truly though, I am excited for it. I can really use this experience for graduate school and she’s assured me she’ll write a great letter of recommendation. Good things happening there.

Other than that, life is busy and wonderful. But mostly busy.

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