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Sensation and Perception

In a truly bizarre twist of events this week, we experienced a meteorological phenomenon with which we have become increasingly unfamiliar. If memory serves, it is known in the outside world as “precipitation”, or more commonly, “rain”. After running about in a panic shouting “The sky is falling!”, I calmed down and recalled that this happens with some normalcy in other sections of the globe. Although Avey had just retired to her bedroom, we thought that such a rare occasion deserved her attention. Ergo, we invited her to venture into the “rain”. 

When she returned to us, quite satiated (and saturated to boot), she wanted to tell us all about her exploits. She said, with no hidden drama, “You guys will not believe your eyes when you hear this…” And she was right. Our occipital lobes were unwilling to entertain the stories she was feeding to our respective auditory cortices. In fact, they did not perceive a word she spoke!

In any case, it made for an enjoyable few moments out of the ordinary. Avey was entertained, as were we. Carver, on the other hand, took little notice of the hilarity. More moisture escapes his mouth in one day than all of West Texas’s parched soil collects in one year.

In other news, Kira was released from her calling as the RS secretary today, much to her relief. I start yet another semester of school tomorrow, Avey begins pre-k in another week, and Carver has two tiny white buddings of teeth creeping toward the surface of his gums. And the world just keeps on spinning…

#Happenings #LittleGems

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