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Seventh Heaven

We are all so sick of the cold over here. The library classes that the younger boys were taking have now ended for a few weeks, so we’re having a hard time finding things to do out of the house that are still enjoyable.

This week was full of a few dental appointments and events scheduled for the evenings, but the days were relatively routine.

Wednesday was a dress rehearsal for the talent show for Carver’s school, so as soon as I got back from Schaumburg, Kira took him over there all decked out in his dance outfit. We all enjoyed the real thing on Friday. Given some of the other off-key singing and whatnot, Carver did a great job.

He was pretty nervous about the show, but he got up there and did his thing to roaring applause. We’re proud to have him try something hard and succeed.

Probably the biggest event of the week was on Saturday. We were excited to celebrate Carver’s 7th birthday (a couple of days early). He decided to invite over his best friend from class, so they played for a few hours and got along swimmingly. 

Carver declined to come with the other kids and me when we visited a small petting zoo nearby. It was awfully cold, but the rest of us had a good time petting a duck, turkeys, goats, sheep, and ponies. 

Kira whipped up some gluten-free cupcakes while I drove to a neighboring city to find the movie he wanted to watch (Ralph Breaks the Internet). We then opened his presents, had the cupcakes, and watched the movie together before getting the boys to bed.

This is my last week of classes before spring break. Kira will leave to visit her mother for the first part, and then I’ll head to a conference for the last three days. It won’t be much of a break, and so far it doesn’t feel much like spring, but maybe it will by the time the kids have their spring break.

Hakan’s still been working hard on little drawing projects. For his present to Carver, he gave him a little animal that he’d drawn and cut out. He gave me a little paper alligator that he’d made with his auntie, and he told me that I could put it on my night stand, so that when I squirm around in my sleep in the night, I can look at it. Luckily, I haven’t needed it yet.

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