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Shamed by a 10-Year-Old

Avey recently found her feet and has been playing with them at every diaper change. Here’s a nice shot of her munching on her own toes. I can barely reach mine…

Well, I have an embarrassing story, and I thought, “Why not post it on the Internet so the entire world can see?” So here you go…

Today I was a sub in the primary and to keep them all entertained we played a form of jeopardy. We made teams, not that the points meant anything, but just to make it interesting. I was Alex Trebek as well as the scorekeeper, which must have been too much for me to handle, because near the end of the first game, I decided to add up the teams’ points so they could see how well they were doing. I added the first team’s: 200+300+200+300. Somehow, I came up with a grand total of 900 points. Six other adults in the room, and who figures out my mistake but a 10-year-old kid in the back row. With the simple phrase, “Hey, that’s a thousand,” any dignity I had remaining went right out the window.

Now I’m having nightmares about Avey needing help with her addition homework in 1st grade, and me taking one look at the paper and my head exploding.

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