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Ships Passing in Portland

Just when we think life can’t get any busier, a week like this one happens. 

Kira was in Colorado at the end of last week, and we were keeping an eye on a blizzard coming to her area. Naturally, the blizzard hit the day before her flight, leaving us all wondering what was going to happen. It was apparently very bad, as they shut down the interstate to Denver, where she needed to be for the flight. The storm even knocked down a tree in her mom’s neighborhood, landing on a car:

The tricky thing is that I needed to leave very early Friday morning to catch my plane to a conference in Portland, and it was quickly beginning to look like Kira would not be home in time to take over the household. Thankfully, Hannah was willing to step up and manage things if it came to that. And come to that it did: Kira’s flight was cancelled, so she spent basically an entire day working on getting another flight that she could reach once roads cleared. She was then scheduled to get in very late Friday night, after I would be gone the whole day.

I decided to pull Avey out of school so that she could help manage the younger ones and be an informational resource about what the boys will eat and whatnot. Hannah took me to the train station early Friday, and then went back to the house to face her fate. I haven’t heard all of the details, but apparently everyone survived, and there were no ambulance visits, so that’s a success in my book.

In an odd twist, Kira’s flight was scheduled to head from Denver to Portland before going to Chicago. I landed at about 12:30 local time, and she was scheduled to land just two gates away from where I was at about 2:20, so I set up shop in a quiet area of the airport and worked until she came. She had just about 30 minutes on the ground before the plane needed to leave again, but it was pretty neat to meet. I then took a train to my conference. Kira got home safely, albeit very late. I fly out in a few more hours and get home late tonight.

The earlier part of the week is a bit of a blur. Monday was Merritt’s library day, where he, Hakan, and I enjoyed some singing, stories, and crafts. I was the only dad there. After the activities, the kids went to play with the various toys while I kept watch. Merritt started freaking out after a while, so we left, but as soon as we got in the car, Hakan found a picture he had drawn and brought to give to one of the librarians. We got back out of the car and went in, where he found her and delivered the gift. She was very polite and grateful.

Monday night was simply awful. Hakan and Merritt finally caught Carver’s cold. The symptoms were fairly mild, but the stuffy noses left them breathing through their mouths, which dried out their sore throats even worse. I was up with them several times during the night to give medicine or drinks of water, and so on. They awoke feeling pretty good, it seemed, having been awake for only brief moments. I, on the other hand, had not fallen asleep in between, so I peeled myself off of the bed at 6:30 to get Carver off to school, and then just couldn’t find the strength to do much else the rest of the day aside from keeping everyone fed.

They had a much better night Tuesday, thankfully. Wednesday was a trip to Costco with the boys, who were very well behaved (to my surprise and delight). We then came home to lunch and then I cut their hair and bathed them.

Thursday, we took a trip to the library for the morning so that they could pick some movies to watch for the day of my trip, hoping to give Hannah some relief. I also picked up a book to read on my trip. That night was Avey’s orchestra concert, and Hannah wisely chose to go to a church activity before the kids took her hostage the next day. The boys were all pretty good waiting during the concert. Hannah got home just a few minutes after we did and helped get everyone in bed.

Oddly enough, getting late to bed, they also slept in for the first time ever, so I didn’t see any of the boys Friday morning before I left for the train. I’m looking forward to seeing them tomorrow. My trip has been good, though I find that I’m just too tired to do much sight-seeing. I’ve sure enjoyed the weather in the 60s here, and it’s always great to run into old friends.

Our world is back to the normal, chaotic routine this week!


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