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Showing Off

It’s been another busy week. Coming home from Colorado was a bit of a tease, because Kira was looking forward to having an extra pair of hands to help with the kids, and I was behind a couple of days on my work. We survived the week somehow, so maybe things will ease up this time. We’ve enjoyed cooler weather this week, and even had to turn on the heat this morning so our kids’ feet wouldn’t freeze. 

We had our first department party of the semester yesterday. It was mostly a welcome party for the new doctoral students in the program, but it was a nice chance to show off the kids and wife to my coworkers. 

We also had a fun time heading into the city afterwards. We ended up going to visit my office, where we were the only people on the floor. The kids had a grand time running through the halls and sifting through my drawers looking for candy. I keep a little stash of peanut butter cups as a reward for a hard day of work, and so that my kids enjoy coming to visit campus.

Carver started attending a weekly preschool thing put on by some church members. He enjoys doing some things out of the normal routine, and Kira is gearing up for when it’s her turn to host.

There’s always more news brewing here. Stay tuned!


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