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Sick and Tired

Our home was struck with the plague this week, or so it felt. After Hakan’s fever returned Sunday night, we took him in for a strep diagnosis. We should have known that the worst was yet to come. As an ominous omen of our impending illnesses, Avey’s betta fish was found lifeless in his tank on Monday morning. He had seemed less active for a couple of days before, but there was no clear sign that he was ill otherwise. We were all saddened at the loss of our newest family member, and had some important conversations about the great responsibilities that come with pet ownership, as their lives are at stake. We made a game plan for what to adjust with the next one, trying keeping the tank a little warmer, and feeding less often. 

Gill’s death set the tone for the rest of the week, as one by one the rest of the family came down with symptoms similar to Hakan’s, just as he was getting better. Carver never did get a fever, but had a cough that would make a cigar smoker blush. I had a day or two with some mild aches and a little cough, but nothing unbearable. Avey was about the same as Carver, but with some of my aches also. Merritt even came down with a fever, and his nose has been running like Usain Bolt. Kira, who had been on an antibiotic for something unrelated anyway, took the longest to develop symptoms, but is now dealing with a sore throat, too. 

The worst of it all for Kira and me was that we were up every hour or so for one of the nights (between Hakan and Merritt, mostly), and the nights have only slowly become less eventful. Hakan is now done with his antibiotic regimen, but the rest of the kiddies are still catching up. Merritt awoke around 4 this morning and was in a strange state, wanting to sleep, but screaming like a banshee. Naturally, today is the day that Kira gave a talk in church, and also sang a descant in a special choir piece. Thankfully, she is the type to rise to the occasion when it’s required, so she nailed them both (so we hear: everyone else stayed home). 

We did have some fun moments amid all of the weeping and wailing. Avey got a new fish, Scales, on Thursday, and he is doing very well so far. Kira took the two older boys to see a fireworks display put on by our township, keeping them up way past their bedtime, but they enjoyed it despite coming home worn out. Carver passed out as soon as his head hit the pillow, and Hakan buzzed around for a while. It seems to be the way he manages his exhaustion.

Avey also attended a birthday party for her best friend on Monday, which included a pool. She would never have left if she could have chosen. She also got an early birthday present in the mail. We let her decide whether to open it or wait, and she took the path of no return. Her Nana sent a slightly used tablet that she never uses, because Avey’s stopped working several months ago. She was thrilled to get this one, and even set up an account on it for Carver to use when she is not using it. I don’t know how we’re going to top that in September…

Avey also got invited by her best friend to see a movie when a schedule conflict left them with an extra ticket. We’re not jealous, though.

Everyone’s symptoms are getting under control now, so maybe things will calm down, or maybe they will explode as the kids make up for lost time…


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