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Sick as a dog. Well, a sick dog.

Mostly an uneventful Monday for both Kira and me. Tuesday I went about my usual routine which includes volunteering at the Training Resource Center at the MTC. I act as an investigator while missionaries teach me in German and I respond in German. Anyway, during the appointments I realized my throat felt unusually dry. I got some water later and still, it felt dry. My suspicions turned into panic after I swam for a while and my throat felt worse yet and I could tell it was going to be quite a cold. I slept for maybe a total of 20 minutes that night. I felt very tired, but my brain decided it had to do a whole lot of thinking about some things that were not remotely interesting, and at the time I felt like they were really important to decide, such as what song I would sing if I were to audition for American Idol (no, I have no intention of auditioning, but my brain thought I should get it decided anyway). I got up Wednesday morning feeling terrible. Even worse was that I had a job interview for Thursday. I went to bed especially early that night, hoping to rest up for my 10am interview. Nice try anyway. I ended up with about 40 minutes of sleep that night. Even though I took some medication to help clear me up, I still was smitten with sleep apnea in its worst form. I felt absolutely horrible Thursday morning, but I didn’t think they would reschedule my interview, so I went. I drove the half-hour-or-so to American Fork and interviewed. That was an experience. It was raining, and I didn’t see the building right there, so I got out and started walking a bit. I’d gotten pretty far in and still did not find it anywhere, so I asked someone where the Oakridge Bldg. was and it was on the other side of the campus. I decided to keep at it on foot, and still made it through the rain with 3 minutes to spare. The interview could not really have gone much worse. My nose was constantly leaking, and I sounded horrid. I answered the questions pretty well, I think. But then they got to this chart and said it was for an IAS and I should make my assessment of the situation and give a recommendation (several other questions seemed like they were intended for current employees as well). I asked what IAS stood for and they told me they were not allowed to answer any questions I had. Weird. So I did my best, then one of the final questions was “How would you get your team to comply with Title XIX?” I had no idea what that was or that I should know what that was, so I told them and we left it at that. Needless to say, I did not make it to the second round of interviews. But about 5 minutes into the interview, it became apparent that it was not the type of thing I wanted to be doing anyway. It was working with individuals with mental retardation and developmental disorders, which is fine, but the work would have very little to do with psychology other than just being around them. Traffic coming home was stop-and-go most of the way, so it took me extra long. When I finally made it, I changed my clothes and then got a phone call from another place to which I had just given my resume. It was a position in which I was much more interested, and we set up an interview for the next day. I slept a full 8 hours that night and felt next to incredible Friday morning. The interview there went much better and they said they would let me know about second interviews next week. 5 hours after I left, they called me back to set up a second interview. So I am very hopeful and it would be a much better place to work. Keep your fingers crossed! That’s about it for me. Kira spent Thursday and Friday in Salt Lake City at a conference on anxiety disorders. She enjoyed getting out of the office and spending the time with her coworkers and eating out. The conference was mostly pretty good, but she nodded off a couple of times. Thanks for reading and we’ll keep you updated.

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