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I am constantly impressed with how much enjoyment Avey gets out of the simple things in life. For example, earlier this week she and I went to the grocery store and she admired all the shiny balloons in the floral department. She does this very frequently upon our visits to stores, so I thought we could look into the price of a single balloon. The friendly woman said that balloons with the King Soopers logo on them were free! Naturally we took up this offer, and Avey proceeded to talk about the balloon and nothing but the balloon for the next two or three hours. Here she is much later in the day, so she’s cooled off a little:

It was basically the coolest thing ever. You’ll all remember that Avey loves doggies. Now that you’ve learned of her love of balloons as well, it should come as no surprise to you that she has been obsessed with a video of a doggy popping balloons for a few days now. It has the two best things on the whole planet, interacting in one video! You can watch it here. She has also recently become excited about emotions. She constantly talks about a boy she knows who missed his parents. So we’ve been working on understanding what these strange feelings are. Here she is working on being sad:

Her favorite so far is “scared”. We’re also working on excited, happy, mad, and proud, among others. Videos are forthcoming.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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