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Single Parent

Thursday morning, Kira left on a flight to Chicago to scope out places for us to live in the very near future. That left me at home with three adorable and needy children. Day 1 was particularly challenging as Hakan’s doctor called and asked me to bring him in that day. He was concerned about Hakan’s lack of weight gain (he’s quite small for his age). We were also concerned about his weight, although not quite as much as was the doctor. Hakan went through a sick spell, so we just sort of figured that had set him back a bit. He is cognitively advanced and his motor skills are even more advanced than were his siblings’ at this age, so we had no other worries and just figured that he’d catch up with his weight in good time. 


At the doctor’s, we found that he had gained pretty good weight since his last check, but was still a bit too small for comfort. The doctor suggested a blood test to rule out any serious conditions. We had tried that a few weeks before, but they were not able to get any blood, so we’d just sort of put it aside until he called again. This time he suggested taking Hakan to the hospital, where they are better at drawing blood from small children. That took us across town, which turned out okay, because Hakan slept on the drive. I fed him a meal in the waiting area, and then he had his blood taken (results came back – he is just fine).

In addition to all of the hospital stuff, we discovered a slow water leak all over our floor the day previous. Maintenance came to check it out Thursday, and after putting three holes in the wall, found and repaired the leak. I didn’t have to do any of the work, but it added to the general chaos of the day.

Friday was a pretty easy day as Avey went to school and the boys and I went to get some baby wipes at the store, joined a little impromptu celebration at my grandmother’s house to open my cousin’s mission call (California Riverside), and then enjoyed a trip to our favorite frozen yogurt joint.

Saturday morning is where it all came crashing down around me. In retrospect, I should have realized that trouble was in store after Hakan went to bed so easily. He awoke at 3:10 a.m., pining for nourishment. I must have completed a sleep cycle around then, because I felt pretty awake once he got me up. I gave him a bottle and he passed back out, but then I lay awake for a while. I drifted off around 4, and then who should come crashing into the room at 5, but Carver. I got him planted in front of the television with a little snack and tried to salvage what I could of the night. At 6, Carver again woke me, requesting that I join him. Apparently he was lonely. At this point, I was feeling extremely groggy and grumpy. I comforted him as best I could and told him that Avey would surely be joining him soon. He lasted another half hour and then woke me complaining of technical difficulties with his show. I gave up and rolled out of bed, feeling awful the rest of the day.

Last night was better, but Hakan awoke with his right eye sealed shut from dried discharge. It is slightly red and swollen, but the eye itself seems fine and he does not appear to be in any pain. I’m keeping a close watch on it for now, and once nurse Mommy gets home this afternoon we will determine the course of action.

I certainly am emerging from this weekend with a few psychological battle scars and more respect for what Kira deals with each time I had to head off to a conference or job interview this last year.

She reportedly found a great place and already turned in our application, so once we have more information we will pass it on! We are very excited to begin a new chapter in our lives, and have another adventure!


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