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Single Parent, Single Car

What a week! We’ve been very busy with both illnesses and preparation for a guest.

Hakan came down with both pink eye and an ear infection. Aside from some trouble sleeping and generally uncomfortable eyes, he’s been in good spirits. We have him on some meds, so he’s been slowly getting better. We’re a little nervous that Merritt has pink eye now, so we’re keeping close watch. 

We also spent much of this week preparing for the arrival of Amber, Kira’s dearest longtime friend. For a Christmas present this year, she gave Kira a weekend visit and a “weekend away,” which, due to the needs of our 8-month-old, was modified to about 14 hours away. 

They left in the morning Saturday, and I took care of the youngsters. They went to visit a spot several miles away where they could see bald eagles in the wild. It was apparently an enjoyable outing, at least until they tried to return home.

As they drove, the truck began making some odd noises and the oil light turned on. They checked the fluid levels and found everything normal, so thought to see if they could get home alright. Things got worse, so they pulled over and turned it off. After a ride with a state trooper, several phone calls, and a ride in a tow truck, they made it home to us safely. 

I had just had several repairs made to the truck, so I’m quite saddened by its current state, wondering if it may be time to put the old girl out to pasture. We’ll find out what’s up once the repair shop opens.

In Kira’s absence, the kids and I had our own adventures. During morning naps, I took on the project of trading out the older boys’ clothes so that the clothes in their drawers would actually fit them now instead of 6 months ago.

After naps, we went to Carver’s very favorite McDonald’s location (because of the play area) for some lunch. The kids had a lot of fun and were actually relatively well behaved. On the way home, we stopped by a library they like for a few minutes before coming home for Merritt’s nap and brownies (for all of us).

Merritt, unfortunately, napped for only about 7 minutes before waking up furious and hungry. I fed him and then tried to get him back to sleep again. He would have none of it, and stayed awake and needy for a long time. Fortunately, Avey was in a helpful mood, and we tag-teamed feeding and entertaining him until he eventually slept for about 12 more minutes. Kira got in around 10 p.m. to a very thirsty and needy baby boy.

It was nice to have another reminder of just how much she does for all of us (not that we really needed one). We hope that it was a nice time away.


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