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Sleep, Round II

Sleep. What a wonderful concept. Yet it sounds so foreign to me now. Kira and I have been craving sleep for a good long while now, but never as much as in the last few weeks. When we were in Colorado at the end of April, we stayed at her parents’ house, sleeping on a queen bed in the basement. We don’t know exactly what it was – maybe the elevation, the cold crisp air, or the gloriously soft mattress – but we slept like we hadn’t slept in years. 

The experience shed new light on the problem with our own mattress – it’s hard as a rock. We had inherited it a few years after we were married, to replace our cheap futon mattress. After the Colorado trip, we knew the madness had to end. We purchased a better mattress, and it came this week. 

Unfortunately, our attempts to test it have been thwarted by our children: more specifically, the boy.

It really isn’t his fault, though. The poor child was down with a high fever for about 3 days, and now is battling a stuffy nose. He wakes up every couple of hours exhausted and miserable, with little to be done for his ailments. Maybe some day there will be a baby-friendly version of Nyquil®.

As we wait for Carver to fully recover, we take turns napping on our new mattress. Those naps are wonderful, but I can’t help but feel like I’m being teased. At this point, I’d probably be thrilled to lay down on a bed of nails if it meant I could doze off for a few seconds. Sooner or later, our kids will have to get better, and then we can give our new bed the true test.


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