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Smells Like Fish

This week, our desperate attempt at sucking all of the enjoyment out of the summer landed us at a nearby fishing hole. It was actually a ton of fun for the kids. Kira offered to take them while I went in to the city to get some paperwork finished. There was a whole event at the pond, including a lady with a baby lemur for all the kids to admire and even pet. 

The kids had a blast playing at the park, learning about the lemur, and throwing sticks into the pond. I hurried to get my paperwork done, and then headed in to meet them there. 

I made it with just enough time before we had to turn in our poles, and managed to catch a little fish! It was a successful day, and turned out to be one of the kids’ favorite activities since we’ve been here.

Avey has one more week before starting school, and so we are trying to do whatever we can to make the summer last. Unfortunately, I begin work tomorrow, so it will be more difficult for Kira to wrestle the kids and haul them around. I suppose the fun had to end some time, but there is still plenty in store for us.


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